Rebecca Pinckney

Learning the
Animal Alphabet
A to Z

Learning Letter Sounds Helps You to Read

The Book

Learning the Animal Alphabet A to Z

Every child deserves the chance to learn to read. This book teaches children the learning blocks of the English language, the alphabet letters. Learning the letter sounds will lead children to the remarkable ability of learning to make sense of the written word. This small book attempts to supply an opportunity for children to learn to read. The book can be used by the caretakers of children to take them through the process of learning to read.

“Our Heavenly Father has created the world and all the creatures within it. The diversity and beauty of his creations were given to mankind to enjoy. I hope the animals pictures in this book cause you to appreciate their varied forms. Which animal in the book is your favorite one?”

Rebecca B. Pinckney


Rebecca B. Pinckney

Rebecca B. Pinckney is a native Floridian and has lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area during her adult life. She received a B.S. in Elementary Education and a M.S. as a Reading Specialist from Florida State University. To further her education she earned an Education Specialist degree at Georgia State University. Her teaching experience has included work in public, private and homeschool settings. She is married with two sons and six grandchildren. Creating art, reading, gardening, and sewing are her interests.


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